How to Prepare for a TV Mounting Service

If you have purchased a new television, you may want it mounted to the wall. While there are kits you can purchase to attempt mounting it yourself, you’ll probably want a professional who knows what they’re doing. If you have never hired a TV mounting service before, you may be unsure of what you need to do before they arrive. Here are three steps you should follow to prepare.

Decide Where You Want to Mount the TV

The very first thing you need to do is to decide where you want your television placed. You’ll need to consider several factors, including the amount of space on the wall, lighting, and the configuration of your space. According to the opinion analytics experts at CivicScience, over half of all television watchers watch TV with others. If this describes your watching habits, you’ll want to ensure people can see the television from multiple angles in the room.

Purchase the TV Mount

The next thing you need to do to prepare for a TV mounting service is to purchase the mount. Most mounting services do not sell the mounts and will only hang the television. However, some companies do. This is why you should ask if the company sells the mounts and about the benefits of buying one from them.

Prepare Your Space for the Mounters to Work

Finally, you’ll need to prepare your space so there is room for the mounters to work. You want to remove items from the walls, move furniture such as consoles or entertainment stands out of the way, and ensure there is enough space for a contractor to easily lift and move the television onto the mount. Your contractor will be thankful that you gave them plenty of space to work and that there’s no chance they will accidentally bump into and break any of your possessions.

Prior to a TV mounting service arriving, you’ll need to decide where you want it mounted, purchase a mount, and prepare your space so a professional has the space they need to work. If you are looking for a licensed and insured TV mounting company to hang your next television, reach out to Tic Tac Task today for an estimate! We’re happy to take on all your handyman needs!